-​-​Kingdom Of False Divinity​-​-

by Inhuman Entity

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released May 10, 2017



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Inhuman Entity Chile

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Track Name: Crucified and Eviscerated
They divulge that it is real
Images of disciples, saints and of him
With ideas in their minds, they act miserably
Worship a god in images, invented by ignorant
They give their lives and proclaim the space
in a paradise where ,they believe they will be happy
rats - hate
What will they receive?
The most blasphemous and bloodthirsty fate they have ever known
Impaled and whipped she pray
And my god And my angels where they are?
Demons will rape and torture
While she screaming and cry
Crucifieds – Dismembered - bleeding
and your god and angels, where are they?
crucifieds and dismembered
Useless bodies and minds repent of false beliefs
Crucifieds and dismembered
Fuck your god and angels
Bleeding,crucifieds and dismembered
Hate… unleashed
Impaled .. gutted
Track Name: Imposing Inhuman Aberration
My bones crunch, and I devour insects
I bite my worms skin
I skip and skip over two meters
Exposed fractures from nothing
The priest brings me a crucifix
put on this human skin and is burning
The dark and infected soul that I have
Although she is already tied to the bed
Inhuman aberration
Blood runs through my breasts
Fetid urine between the legs
- I am a malevolent entity -
Crawling into an aberrant darkness
Human dirt, false beliefs
Gold and Privileges with Disguises
Thirsty for catching them
And killing them with my fingers
A crucifix remains in her vagina
Imposing inhuman aberration…
It all ends with my red blood hands
My teeth with scraps of meat
A crucifix remains in her vagina
Now I hide in another being
Track Name: Neron
Fire through my veins
Evilness in my brains
Inheritance of my mother whore
with she fornicating and now is dead
I need killing them , ill see them fall
Walking slags that ferment my streets
By spreading the voice of his false devotion
In your human flesh flows my semen mixed with blood
Dissatisfied of raping women and guys
Your genitals I mutilate to bites
Without stopping chewing I penetrate your new sanctified hole
yes , ill see them fall
Eager and misunderstood
Here is the beginning of eliminating your religion
My hatred I will deliver to them
Your shit
Ill see them fall
From a hellish form that I will adopt
Fuck you Christians
Track Name: Monuments Of Putrid Flesh
They descend from the sky , they arise from hell
Their claws destroy the skin , malevolent creations
Unleashed atrocities , crosses of flesh and bones
your broken hope , fetid angels torture you
// Punished and crucifieds
With their wings they embrace you
Lambs blinded with their faith
corpses stained with blood
gangrenous with worms
Bloody Sculptures
-//deschristianized and nailed to the cross
Crows devour their eyes
criatures chew the limbs
gangrenous with worms
Monuments of putrid flesh
Punished and crucifieds
gangrenous with worms
Bloody Sculptures
beautiful acts for the devilish gaze
The guts hang like ornaments
Bloody Sculptures
Monuments of putrid flesh